Inspired by art, culture and her natural affinity for gemstones, Sherris’ work has evolved
over time to produce four distinct carving styles.

The four styles that you see here developed over a lifetime of carving gems. Each style evolved to become what it is today. Not every type of gemstone can be carved in every style. By listening carefully however, Sherris will discover the style that is right for each individual gem.

Sherris works in many species of gems, including aquamarine, amethyst, ametrine, beryl, black jade, citrine, garnet, iolite, morganite, opal, orthoclase, peridot, quartz druzy, sunstone, tanzanite, topaz, and tourmaline. Sourcing gem rough from all over the world takes patience, travel, contacts and luck. Sherris values each and every gemstone that comes her way, and carves it with care and attention.

Depending on the individual gem, Sherris may choose to carve it with a pavilion back, a flat bottom or as a briolette.

Pavilions backs are pointed to reflect light back through the top of transparent gems similar to facetted gems. Sherris carves grooves in precise patterns on the pavilion to intensify light reflections. Gems carved with pavilions are mounted like any fancy faceted gem in prongs or bezels.

Flat bottom gems sit close to the body, and are set like a cabochon in prongs or bezels.

Briolettes are drilled from the top so they can be pegged or capped. Hanging like a drop, this minimal setting allows the entire gem carving to be visible and appreciated from all sides.

Introducing Sherris’ four unique Signature Styles: Nouveau, Deco, Vortex and Goddess. All gems are from the Gemscapes archives.



Nouveau carvings are composed of crisp, linear designs in intricate patterns; with sensuous, flowing surfaces in between. Gems carved in this style feature swooping lines and curving shapes, inspired by forms in nature. The sinuous carved forms, balanced by the clearly defined outer shapes, create a sense of internal harmony that Sherris hopes you will also feel when you contemplate and enjoy your Nouveau style gem.

3.87ct Chrome Tourmaline

Carved with a pointed pavilion, the lush, forest green of this gem is perfect for the nature-based nouveau carving style. Called the queen of tourmaline, chrome tourmaline owes it vivid hue to trace amounts of chromium and vanadium.

10.86ct Pink Tourmaline

Carved with a pointed pavilion the lovely curves in this tapered design brim with light. The rough for this exquisite gem was mined in Afghanistan. Difficult to find now, the price of pink tourmaline rough from Afghanistan has risen exponentially.

31.08ct Aquamarine

Carved as a briolette, the sweeping grooves and flowing surfaces on this aquamarine curve completely around the gem so it is beautiful from all sides. (See commissions for more on this gem)

41.91ct Malaya Garnet

This unusual garnet was carved with a flat bottom and a flat outer edge that creates an elegant frame around the center design. The framed edge also makes the garnet easy to set with prongs or bezel.

9.54ct Tanzanite

Carved with a pavilion this tapered gem boasts the beautiful blue so well known among ardent tanzanite lovers. Lush and pleasing from every angle, rough that would cut this size tanzanite can no longer be exported from Tanzania.

29.53ct Black Opal

Carved with a flat bottom, this Australian black opal is all about color and visual movement. The waves of carving flow across the gem with beauty and grace to draw your attention to the luscious color.

12.82ct Citrine

A gorgeous colored citrine carved with a pavilion for maximum light. The design is reminiscent of many streams flowing from different directions toward the ocean. Look closely and you will see the currents in each individual stream.

18.60ct Ametrine

The carved surfaces of this striking gemstone draw your eye easily from one color to the other. A member of the quartz family, natural ametrine comes only from the Anahi mine in Bolivia. This Ametrine is carved with a pavilion.

Deco style carvings personify glamor, luxury, functionality and modernity. Gemstones carved in the Deco style are sleek, streamlined, and symmetrical, incorporating classic Art Deco elements such as sunbursts, chevrons and crisp angular patterns. An admirer of the designs from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, Sherris noticed that the gems in the jewelry from that time period were always standard cuts. Her deco style carvings emerged from her longing to bring that elegant aesthetic into the gems themselves.

20.80ct Amethyst

Carved with a pavilion to return light back through the sculptural top of the gem, this Brazilian amethyst has a lush, medium color. The stepped design carved in a symmetrical pattern on the top creates a sense of balance and harmony.

10.70ct Tanzanite

One in a million, this incredible tanzanite birthed the deco style. This pavilion back gem wanted straight lines and stepped planes with spacious chevron shapes in between. Finished, it was the deco style Sherris had been contemplating for months!

19.13ct Peridot

It is rare to get large clean peridot from Pakistan, and this piece was exceptional. The glowing green color called out for ta sunburst design. Carved with a pavilion, the top and bottom carving work together to create dynamic brilliance.

10.65ct Fire Opal

This lovely opal rough was mined in Oregon, USA. Carved with a pointed pavilion, the delicate color is showcased in a symmetrical, stepped design with an open diamond shape in the middle. The back carving creates waves of light.

10.40ct Rhodolite Garnet

Simple and elegant this Tanzanian rhodolite garnet pulses with life. With only four stepped planes on the top and minimal carving on the pavilion, this powerful garnet radiates a sense of bursting energy.

6.29ct Iolite

This Tanzanian iolite is carved in a flat bottom style with a tapered, symmetrical shape. In a seeming paradox, the many layers of flat planes flowing into one another create a sense of motion, while the superb blue color elicits a sense of cool serenity.

Modern, sleek and mysterious, Vortex designs incorporate swirling grooves that create a sensation of drawing you into the heart of the gem. As a long time meditator and yogi, Sherris has often experienced the sensation of being drawn into the vortex of what she calls “the great mystery.” There she finds peace and solace, and a sense of all that is good. Her Vortex designs grew out of a desire to share this experience with others. Her hope is that by gazing into the heart of the gem, you too will sense all that is good.

15.90ct Aquamarine

A large, square, medium toned aquamarine is the perfect gem for the elegant vortex style. This particular aquamarine was mined in Pakistan and has a beautiful blue green hue. All vortex style gems are carved with a pavilion.

14.20ct Amethyst

This Brazilian amethyst utilizes a slight variation to the vortex style by adding a straight beveled edge around the top. Because of the top is curved, the straight edge produces 4 half-moon shapes that frame the pattern in the center.

11.88ct Citrine

In addition to the swirling curves on the back, this Brazilian citrine has two beveled edges, and three additional swirling grooves carved across the top. Altogether this creates a lively vortex combination in an unusual shape.

8.97ct Pink Tourmaline

Exquisite pink tourmaline from Afghanistan is oh so difficult to get anymore, but wonderful to behold when available. This round vortex style gem is elegant in its’ simplicity and rarity.

6.93ct Citrine

For a short period of time luscious dark citrine was coming out of Namibia in Africa, and this is one of those pieces. The refined kite shape is a perfect fit to contain the energy of the swirling vortex style.

4.07ct Crystal Opal

This blue hyalite crystal opal from Oregon, USA has flashes of dusky blue violet and yellow orange opalescence. The smooth top and swirling grooves of the vortex style accentuates the subtle colors magnificently.

Goddess-style carvings evoke strong emotions of feminine empowerment. Based on the female form, they celebrate the living goddess in every woman. Sherris carves goddesses in both sculpture and pendant sizes. Her current passion is to work one on one with women to create a gemstone goddess pendant that reflects their vision of the goddess, and empowers them to live from their truest, deepest self. Look for these gemstone goddess pendants as Sherris completes them.

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“I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman Phenomenally.
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”
-Maya Angelou


Five inches tall, with flowing lines, liquid curves, deep grooves, and sweeping planes Mae’s 1510 ct. Smokey Quartz torso stands on a sculpted granite base. Mae won a “Cutting Edge” Object d’Art award from AGTA.



“The eternal and the sacred feminine…
She is every woman
And the turn of an ankle
And the curve of the lower back
And she’s the deep emotional heart
She is the wise intuitive soul
And when you see her
Whether you are a man, a woman or a child
You will be filled up
Split open into your bliss
Because that is the power of the feminine”
-Sheila Kelley


Almost four inches tall, the 879 ct. rose quartz torso standing on a sculpted granite base took Sherris a month to complete. Stately and graceful she is named after the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, and won a “Cutting Edge” award from AGTA.