Over the years, Sherris has worked with many of the finest goldsmiths and jewelers in North America. Partnering with these accomplished craftspeople has allowed her to reach many more people with her signature gemstones than she could have alone, and she is grateful to have collaborated with such brilliant and dedicated professionals. The jewelry showcased below is just a sample of the many pieces they, and others, have created with her carved gemstones.

Waves Pendant
by Sharon Meyer Designs – Troy, MI

69.00 ct. aquamarine set in 18 kt yellow gold
with diamonds and stick pearls

“I love the fluid beauty of Sherris’ carved gems because they give me a multitude of design possibilities within each piece. I enjoy creating jewelry that I know will become the next generation’s heirlooms and Sherris’ unique gems offer a contemporary flair that will stand the test of time.“

Sharon Meyer, Sharon Meyer Designs

“Working with Sherris is always a delight whether we are doing a Gemstone Roundtable at my store, traveling to gemstone mines to source rough or designing a piece of jewelry for her personal collection with one of her amazing carved stones.  She not only has a discerning eye for detail but a design sense that makes her able to interpret graceful lines with flowing movement in everything she carves. She truly knows how to coax out the inner beauty and make her rough come to life. Her carvings are stand alone art but I am always honored when I am called on to collaborate by designing the metalwork that will hold these mini sculptures.“

T Lee, T Lee Gold

Malaya Garnet Pendant
by T Lee Gold – Minneapolis, MN

41.91 ct. Malaya Garnet set in 14kt yellow gold

Ametrine Pendant
by Charles Michael Designs – Clawson, MI

33.11 ct Ametrine set in 18 kt yellow and platinum with diamonds


“Art in its purest form is that of vision, composition, and creativity, polished off with technical ability. When one can bring these factors into the world of gemstones it is rare and it becomes a true work of art. This is what I love most about the Gemscapes brought to life by Sherris Cottier Shank’s gifted hands. My clients are about gemstones that are as unique as they are, gemstones that not only entice their eyes but also touch their souls. Sherris has an incredible gift of being able to see into the soul of the crystal and raise sculptural organic masterpieces that my clients can bond with and that fuel their desires. As a jewelry artist that has been creating one off custom designs for most of my life Sherris’ works of art speak to me. They allow for the perfect balance that I strive for in my body of work between organic flow and strong bold structure. They allow me to create clean contemporary lines with hidden sculptural elegance. The under gallery of the above piece, Anahi Dream© is pierced with whiplash curves that complement the perfected graceful curves of the carved ametrine while the front presents its bold and elegant presence. Each and every piece I have created with these magnificent gems has been unique and touched the souls of all who own them, which is my ultimate goal.“

Charles Ellias, Charles Michael Designs

Citrine Pendant
by Gallery Gemma
Toronto Ontario, Canada

20 ct Citrine set white gold with diamonds

Aqua Pendant
by Leroy Jewelers – Tacoma, WA

15.59 ct aquamarine, set in white gold with diamonds

Black Opal Pin/Pendant
by Paula Crevoshay – Albuquerque, NM

54.14 ct black opal set in 18 kt yellow gold
with abalone pearl, blue zircons


““The work of Sherris Cotter Shank resonates with me because she captures the feminine divine in her fluid carvings transforming them from stone to fluid waves, billowing clouds and translates the brilliance of nature into gems! My clients love her unique style and originality as an artist, and I love her work because it speaks to me as an artist, as a woman and as a devotee of Mother Nature.“

Paula Crevoshay

“We love Sherris’ work here at Joseph Jewelry. Our clients continually check in to see when is Sherris visiting or sending in her works of art!  Many of our clients have fallen in love with Sherris’ beautifully carved gems and we are always honored to help them set those gems in rings, pendants and earrings. Our favorite gem is featured here; it is a beautifully carved vortex aquamarine set in a halo diamond fashion ring custom designed by us. The wavy pattern is reminiscent of the ocean waves and correlates to the depth of the blue. We love Sherris’ vision for each of her gems and how she brings out the best characteristics in every single one.”

Joseph and Pascale, Joseph Jewelry

Aquamarine Ring
by Joseph Jewelery – Bellevue, WA

41.91 ct. Malaya Garnet set in 14kt yellow gold

Citrine Man’s Ring
by John McMartin Jewelry Arts Gallery
Leesburg, FL & East Jordan, MI

8.79 ct citrine set in 18kt yellow and white gold


“I enjoy designing with Sherris’ gems for the fluidity and sensual curves that she adds naturally to every one of her pieces. I design with curves and shapes that are similar to Gemscapes, so they are a perfect combination. My clients are tired of mainstream jewelry and love the shapes of Gemscapes with my jewelry. Sherris understands the setting process and her carved gems are a breeze to set.”

John McMartin,
McMartin Jewelry Arts Gallery

Pink Tourmaline Ring
by David Lee Jewelry – Mason City, IA

5.21 ct pink tourmaline set in 18kt white gold with peridot


“The fluid, sculptural nature of Sherris Shank’s carved gems is what first drew me to them.  Her work and mine lent themselves to each other, making it easy for me to create finished pieces that were greater than the sum of their parts. Beautifully different, the jewelry in my display cases that feature her work appeals to a wide spectrum of clients, especially those who are collectors.  Aside from the obvious beauty of Sherris’ work, her stones are technically well executed.  As a bench jeweler, I appreciate her ability to create settable mini sculptures.”

David Lee, David Lee Jewelry


Blue Zircon Ring
by J Thomas Jewelers – Rochester, MI

5.17 ct Blue Zircon, set in 14 kt white gold
with diamonds


Chrome Tourmaline Ring
by Christopher’s Fine Jewelry Design
Champaign, IL

3.11 ct chrome tourmaline set in 14 kt gold with tsavorite garnets

Rubellite and Pearl Necklace
by Corrine Jewelry Design
Carlsbad, CA

4.29 ct rubellite tourmaline set in
18 kt yellow gold


“I love creating jewelry with Sherris’
signature gemstones because the carvings flow so nicely with my designs, and they are easy to set in the finished jewelry. Sherris was a goldsmith prior to being a gem carver, so she understands the mechanics necessary to set gems, making my job easier. My clients love the unique carvings and beautiful range of shapes and colors available to choose from in the Gemscapes collection. It’s a successful combination for my custom design business.”

Corrine Steiger, Corrine Jewelry Design