The Language of Gemstones

Learn how Sherris reveals the luminous essence of gems.
Seven gems. Seven stories. Boundless inspiration.




Recognized as one of the world’s most talented gemstone artists, Sherris has a unique gift for looking into the heart of each gem to find its hidden beauty and reveal it to the world. Sherris’ gemstones have been sold at Christies in England and acquired by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. Her work is regularly featured in books and magazines and she is known as one of the best in her trade. Inspired by the deep level of connection she has seen gemstones evoke in her clients, Sherris brings gem lovers, jewelers, and master goldsmiths together to discover gemstones as a source of beauty, empowerment and self-expression.


Inspired by art, culture and her natural affinity for gemstones, Sherris’ work has evolved over time to produce four distinct carving styles.

Nouveau carvings are composed of crisp, linear designs in intricate patterns; with sensuous, flowing surfaces in between. Gems carved in this style are fluid with swooping lines and curving shapes, often based on forms seen in nature.
Deco style carvings personify glamour, luxury, functionality and modernity. Gemstones carved in the Deco style are sleek, streamlined, and symmetrical, incorporating classic elements such as sunbursts, chevrons and crisp angular patterns.
Modern, sleek and mysterious, Vortex designs incorporate swirling grooves that create a sensation of drawing you into the heart of each gem.
Goddess-style carvings evoke strong emotions of feminine empowerment. Based on the female form, they celebrate the living goddess in every woman. Sherris carves goddesses in both sculpture and pendant sizes.



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