Gemstone Roundtables are a unique opportunity for gem lovers to see, touch and hold up to 150 gems in a single evening. Like a dinner party where the main course is gems, guests pass gemstones from hand to hand, building a pallet of their favorites that they can select from at the end of the event. Hosted by jewelers or private collectors, gemstone roundtables allow guests to see gems they might otherwise never experience, ask Sherris questions about gems, and get ideas on how the gems can be set into jewelry they will love.

Sherris has been showing and selling gemstones through roundtables for almost 20 years, and in that time she has developed extensive training materials for jewelers. Through videos, written documents and video Skype calls, Sherris works closely with jewelers to implement her well-orchestrated 5-step roundtable system that is designed for success.

Two ways Jewelers can work with Sherris:

Jewelers can hire Sherris for a flat fee to train them in all the steps from beginning to end involved in running a successful gemstone roundtable in their store. Price schedule available upon request.


Jewelers can hire Sherris to come to their store and present her own collection of gems at a gemstone roundtable. In this choice, the training fee is reduced.

If you are a jeweler who is interested in hosting a gemstone roundtable,
contact Sherris and ask for her free report:
“How To Run A Profitable Gemstone Roundtable.”



Goddess Circles will be an invitation only event to liberate the archetypes of the goddess that live deep within our collective unconscious, but are not normally accessible. As each woman taps into this vast source of knowledge with conscious intent she will be empowered in a way that is perfect for her. Sherris will guide women to open their hearts to the transformation they wish to create in their own life, and to explore the potential of a personal gemstone goddess pendant to represent that change.